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- iPhone

- Android L サイズ
Galaxy NoteEdge (SC-01G/SCL24)、Xperia Z5 PREMIUM (SO-03H)、ARROWS NX (F-02H)、Galaxy S7 edge (SC-02/SCV33)、AQUOS ZETA(SH-04H)、ZenFone 2、ZenFone™ Go

- Android M サイズ
Galaxy S6 (SC-05G)、Galaxy S6 edge (SC-04G/SCV31)、Galaxy S5 (SC04F/SCL23)、Galaxy S4 (SC-04E)、Galaxy S3 (SC-06D/SC-03E)、Xperia X Performance(SO-04H/SOV33/502SO)、XperiaXZ(SO-01J/SOV34/601SO)、Xperia Z5 (SO-01H/SOV32/501SO)、Xperia Z4 (SO-03G/SOV31)、Xperia Z3 (SO-01G/SOL26/401SO)、Xperia Z2 (SO-03F)、Xperia Z1 (SO-01F/SOL23)、Xperia ZL2 (SOL25)、Xperia Z (SO-02E)、Xperia A (SO-04E)、Xperia GX (SO-04D)、Xperia UL (SOL22)、ARROWS SV(F-03H)、ARROWS Z (ISW13F)、ARROWS X (F-02E)、ARROWS X (F-10D)、ARROWS NX (F-06E)、ARROWS NX (F-05F)、 ARROWS NX (F-04G)、ARROWS NX (F-02G)、ARROWS NX (F-01F)、ARROWS FIT (F-01H)、ARROWS RM02、AQUOS ZETA (SH-06E)、AQUOS ZETA (SH-04F)、AQUOS ZETA (SH-03G)、AQUOS ZETA (SH-02E)、AQUOS ZETA (SH-01H)、AQUOS ZETA(SH-01G)、 AQUOS PHONE ZETA (SH-01F)、AQUOS CRYSTAL X / AQUOS CRYSTAL Y (402SH)、AQUOS SERIE (SHL25)、AQUOS Xx (304SH)、AQUOS SH-RM02、AQUOS SH-M02、 GOOGLE NEXUS5、HTC J(ISW13HT)、HTC J butterfly (HTL21)、HTC J butterfly (HTL23)、HTC J One (HTL22)、ELUGA X (P-02E)、Galaxy S6 edge (SC-04G/SCV31)、 Desire 626、HUAWEI P8lite、HUAWEI P9lite

- Android S サイズ
Galaxy S2 LTE (SC-03D)、Galaxy S2 (SC-02C)、iPhone5C、Xperia Z5 COMPACT(SO-02H)、Xperia Z3 Compact (SO-02G)、Xperia Z1f (SO-02F)、Xperia A4 (SO-04G)、Xperia A2 (SO-04F)、Xperia VL (SOL21)、Xperia SX (SO-05D)、Xperia ray (SO-03C)、Xperia AX (SO-01E)、Xperia acro HD (SO-03D/IS12S)、Xperia ACRO、XPERIA J1 COMPACT、 (SO-02C/IS11S)、ARROWS Z (ISW11F)、ARROWS X LTE (F-05D)、ARROWS V (F-04E)、AQUOS Xx mini (303SH)、AQUOS SERIE mini (SHL24)、AQUOS EX (SH-04E)、AQUOS EX (SH-02F)、 AQUOS COMPACT (SH-02H)、URBANO PROGRESSO (ISW13K)

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